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Making display window, record value not variable name

I'm trying to make a display with a lot of plots.
I'm using a lot of nested expr() functions to put column names / limits into the plots.
The variables that have column names and limits are going to go away.

Is there a way to have the values of variables placed in the expr function and not the variable names themselves?
Would something like this help remove the need for using Expressions at all? In the following, I've created a table with some random columns, then set up a grid of charts which produces the X value vs each column in turn, adding a title which includes the data table name, column name and the lower and upper limits of that column:

No Expressions are needed. Basically code like you generated is going to be inside a tabbox, appended under a bunch of summary tables and other plots.
Also the axis min/max and reference lines are not in a table but stored in a nested object.

Data["Material"]["ParameterValues"]["LL"] = 6;

So really I just need a way to get raw data into the control chart expression instead of a reference to a variable that will be gone as soon as the for loop goes to the next number.
Can you set up a block of script including a for loop as text which incorporates the values you need, and then eval/parse it? In the following, I needed to assign to a column a property which had to be a value (not a variable name), which sounds similar to what you're trying to do:

They Parse Function worked perfectly for this. Thanks.