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Making Combine Data Tables

I have a script that I am trying to use to make a report containing many control charts with corresponding process capability data.  Producing the journal containing all of the control charts and capability works great.  Now I want to add a report type page indicating any charts that have Cpk's below a certain value.  To do this I need to make a combine data table with all the Cpk's that are produced.  I can do it by the right click method but need to use JSL.  I have seen many threads regarding this and have tried the multiple variation of Report << make combine data table but it hasn't worked quite right.  The general script I have is this:

For( i = 1, i <= N Items( desired_measurement), i++,

     //make a table from the data of the desired_measurement

     dt = desired_measurement data

     //produce a control chart as follows

     cc =    Control Chart Builder(

                     Size( 450, 900 ),

                     Show Two Shewhart Charts( 0 ),

                     Show Control Panel( 0 ),

                     Include Missing Categories( 0 ),

                     Variables(Subgroup(:lot), Y( :column( 4 ), Individual Measurement, Moving Range ) ),


                         Points( Statistic( "Individual" ) ),

                         Limits( Sigma( "User Defined" ) ),

                         Set Control Limits( {LCL( lcont ), UCL( ucont )} ),

                         Add Spec Limits( {LSL( lower_spec ), USL( upper_spec ), Target( desired )} )







                             {Add Ref Line( lspec, "Solid", "Blue", "LSL", 1 ),

                             Add Ref Line( uspec, "Solid", "Blue", "USL", 1 ),

                             Add Ref Line( desired, "Solid", "Blue", "Target", 1 )}



                             {edc_name || " Limit Summaries", "Process Capability Analysis", "Histogram"},

                             "Process Capability Analysis Histogram",


                             {Frame Size( 150, 18 )}



                             {edc_name || " Limit Summaries", "Process Capability Analysis", "Histogram"},

                             "Process Capability Analysis Histogram",

                             FrameBox( 2 ),

                             {Frame Size( 150, 160 )}




     // append cc to a journal

     << append(cc)


The number of control charts can range from 1-100 or so.  I can't seem to figure out how to make it << Make combine data table after the journal is populated with the various control charts.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Re: Making Combine Data Tables

Once you have copied the outputs from the various control charts, you need to use an offset into the journal to locate the display table you want to be converted into a data table.  So if you create the journal with a variable referencing it:

nwj = new window("the journal",<<journal);

you can then rt mouse click on the first outline boxes gray triangle and select

Edit==>Show Tree Structure

and find the offset to the table you want to "Make into a Data Table".  Such as the below reference:

nwj["Within Sigma Capability"][TableBox(1)]<< make combined data table;

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