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MANOVA, Repeated Measure: How to test difference between pairs of groups out of multiple groups

Hi JMP Community,


I'm interested in analyzing the attached data using Repeated Measures MANOVA: 


  • Data represents repeated measurements within subjects
  • 5 time points: W2 - W12
  • 3 Groups: Control, Group A, and Group B

Is it possible to test the difference between pairs of groups across the time course:

  • Control vs. Group A
  • Control vs. Group B
  • Group A vs. Group B

Also, when selecting the Test Each Column Separately option, the tests return non-significant p values even though the Control group appears to be clearly different from the Group A and B. What am I missing?


By the way, I did read the help material provided but I did not find answers to these questions.


Thank you for your help.





Thierry R. Sornasse
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