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Looking at S&P 1500

Hi there,

I am looking at S&P 1500 companies' Cash Conversion Cycle and Working Capital ratios, given over a span of 10 years. I am interested in

(1) the general trend of these numbers (in % terms and absolute terms),

(2) correlate the CCC numbers with numbers like ROIC, ROA (return on invested capital, return on assets), what a quartile improvement in CCC means for ROIC/ROA numbers i.e. I am thinking of ranking each company by quartile of CCC numbers (1,2,3,4) and then in the next time period, and compare ROIC/ROA numbers.

(3) looking at trends by industry,

(4) looking at top 10% of those which shortened their CCC and those top 10 % which lengthened their CCC.

I was seeking your expertise & advice on:

(1) how I should import these data as I have them all in different excel spreadsheets with the excel formulas in them

(2) how much manipulation I can do INSIDE JMP to obtain my figures e.g. % terms and quartile

(3) how to summarize the data/manipulate INSIDE jmp such that it will summarize the change in % over ten years (maybe beg. vs. end.) ??

Thank you guys so much.

The file is in Excel and is an import from FactSet. Hence i needed to delete a couple of rows before the column title shows (FY-1 etc) and it has all the data for different variables lumped together. Really unsure of how to begin this mammoth task--I think JMP is much better than Excel at this so I am seeking the advice of you guys.



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