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Learning to work with Lists


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Jun 23, 2011

Hello friends,

I am new scripting with list, but I know the powerful they have.
I would like to take profit of that, but I need your help.

I try to do several identical graphs. The only think it changes is the variables to graph.

I create a list with the names of the variables I would like to display in one graph, a I try to use the list to make an easy change script. I only replace the column names by the elements of the list, but I think that perhaps there is another way to simplify my scripting.

Here is my scripting I would like to reduce using the power of list:

Can anyone help me?

VARS={"P04_02", "P04_05", "P04_06", "P04_04"};

gb=New Window("Grafico-02",
Graph Builder(
Size( 569, 500 ),
Show Control Panel( 0 ),
X( :año ),
Y( Column(VARS[1]), Size( 0, 17 ) ),
Y( Column(VARS[2]), Position( 1 ), Size( 0, 17 ) ),
Y( Column(VARS[3]), Position( 1 ), Size( 0, 17 ) ),
Y( Column(VARS[4]), Position( 1 ), Size( 0, 17 ) )
Y( 1 ),
Y( 2 ),
Y( 3 ),
Y( 4 ),
Legend( 3 ),
Row order( 0 ),
Summary Statistic( "Mean" )
{Format( "Best", 10 ), Add Ref Line( 9, Dotted, "Black" ),
Add Ref Line( 8, Dotted, "Black" ), Add Ref Line( 7, Dotted, "Black" )}
{Legend Model(
Level Name( 0, char(column(VARS[1])< Level Name( 1, char(column(VARS[2])< Level Name( 2, char(column(VARS[3])< Level Name( 3, char(column(VARS[4])< Properties( 0, {Fill Color( 1 )} ),
Properties( 1, {Fill Color( 2 )} ),
Properties( 2, {Fill Color( 3 )} ),
Properties( 3, {Fill Color( 4 )} )
Dispatch( {}, "400", LegendBox, {Set Title( "Item evaluat:" )} )

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I'm trying to post a reply including a small JSL script to the above, but find I'm unable to do so, even though I'm putting it inside HTML-style comments as recommended in an earlier thread (JJones, 6th March 2009). Am I using the correct symbols here, please?

Many thanks

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Jun 23, 2011

To maintain spacing you might try

Square brackets in code seem to cause problems. You may be able to overcome them by typing

&amp#91; for left square bracket and
&amp#93; for right square bracket (note the semi colon for both)
Hi Teresa,

I'm not absolutely certain I'm clear on what you want to do here, but if it is to plot a chart with an interactive selection from a list of Y variables, the following script might help show how that could be done (though I'm sure there are easier ways):