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Launching a Module via Button

Hi All,

I am a student and fairly new to JMP 10 and JSL. I have been playing around with JMP's Application Builder and can see some really great potential in creating an application of statistical reports for other users. Rather than have all the reports launch automatically, I would like to have users click a button, variable name Button1, to launch Module1. I'm sure this is probably a simple problem, but I'm not much of a programmer.

I'm struggling to figure out if I need to create a function in the scripts tab , as in the sample application "Presentation" or if it's possible to use the "press" scripting dialog under the object properties to write a simple piece of code. Could someone set me straight or point me in the right direction on how I could achieve this? 


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Re: Launching a Module via Button

Either approach works fine - in general shorter scripts work well in the scripting dialog that is accessed from the object properties.  Larger scripts are generally easier to manage from the scripts tab, which also helps if you want to break your script up into a main function and several helper functions.

You will probably want to use multiple modules to create this type of application.  Module1 would be responsible for Button1 and any other "launch" GUI, and the action script for Button1 would do something like "Module2 << Create Instance".  The sample application "Launcher With Report.jmpappsource" works in a similar way.

Best regards,


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