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Journal (.jrn) compatibility between JMP13 and JMP12/JMP11



When I save a box with "<< save journal("")" with my JMP13 version, and I want to open that journal with JMP11, I receive the following error message: "Expected ) in [Unknown Class] and got: labelRows12"


It works when I run the script with JMP11 and open the journal with JMP13. It seem to be some compatibility problem.


How do I must change my script to solve this problem?



Jasper Goethals


Re: Journal (.jrn) compatibility between JMP13 and JMP12/JMP11

I don't think this is a problem with your script. Try just manually saving a journal from JMP13 and opening in JMP11. I think you will get the same error.


Journals created in later versions are often not compatible with earlier versions of JMP, in my experience.


I suggest you contact tech support if you want more info (email: support@jmp.com).



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