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Joining to master table

I have 2 data tables that I want to join by row numbers.  They both have the same number of rows.  I want to add the columns of the second table to the first (Master).  Here are the settings for the join.


Needless to say this does not work.  Instead of updating the Master table it creates a new data table, but with only the columns from the master table.  None of the columns from the second table are included.

If I deselect "Update main table with data from second table", I get an output table with columns as expected, i.e. all the columns from master and all the columns from second table.  But the master table is not updated and I have yet another data table.

Is Join with Update broken?

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Re: Joining to master table

You might be able to use Tables > Update instead.  However this option doesn't include matching by row number.  You could add a row number column to each table and then use update with those columns.  Adding a row number column to a table was recently mentioned in this thread.

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