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JSL - Problem with Concatenate and New Data View


Community Trekker


Nov 2, 2016



I'm having a weird issue where when I load two excel files then concatenate them and view them.  I am doing this two ways one where file 1 with file 2 added to the bottom and view it.  Then I did file 2 with file 1 added to the bottom and view it.  The results should be same number of rows, but I am getting one output with extra rows, and I don't understand what is happening.  Does anyone understand what is happening and how to fix it, i.e. only the correct resulting tables work.  Thank you in advance!






Jun 23, 2011

Both tables initially have 7 rows. Line 92 means that you have two table references pointing to the same table, so after line 93, 'input_data1' has 14 rows. Line 98 then means that the result has 7+14 = 21 rows. In short, line 92 (and 97) don't make a new instance of a table, but rather just a pointer to it.


If 'dt1' is a table reference, to make a copy of the table you could do, for instance, 'dt2 = eval(dt1 << getScript)'.