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JSL: How to get the name of a display box element?

I create a Graph Box to display data and I'd like to turn off the borders of the FrameBox. Here's a sample script:

In other scripts I have used code similar to this:

The problem is that I cannot figure what the name of this FrameBox is and without the name I can't dispatch a message to it. I can't follow the normal path of modifying the graph manually and examining the script--the red triangle is dead since I'm creating the window from scratch.

The tree view shows me the FrameBox is there, but it doesn't tell me its name. I can get a reference to the FrameBox and send messages to it such as fb << Select. I've tried all sorts of different names in the Dispatch message: Sample, My Sample, FrameBox, Frame Box, GraphBox, Graph Box, etc. How do I find out the name of the frame box?

Note - While typing this post I discovered the following code does what I want without needing to know the frame box name. However, I'm still interested in knowing how to get the name of display box objects.




Jun 23, 2011

Re: JSL: How to get the name of a display box element?

I don't know of a way to get the name directly, but you can see it by scanning the result of gb << Get Script. I think you had it right with FrameBox. The following works: