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JMP12 - worth to upgrade ?(used for descriptive statistics only...)


I just bought the students license for JMP11 and I just started to use it...  I'm doing qualitative research for my theses and I only need JMP to visualize my data  - so no fancy tests or other statistical analyses. Here a example: The most important thing for me is the possibility to visualize every test person (here with letters) within my two test groups (KG, VG). The test persons speak different languages (here in blue and red) in different situations (here not visualized).


Can someone tell me if JMP12 gives me more possibilities for visualization?

Thank you very much for your help!

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Re: JMP12 - worth to upgrade ?(used for descriptive statistics only...)


One thing that immediately comes to mind is support far a new data type: expression.  Your columns can now contain images which would you allow you to have image data in your rows of data and when labeled would provide you with an image label.

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