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JMP12 and Query Builder for LARGE data queries with FILTER


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Apr 2, 2013

I am using the new JMP 12 and the new Query Builder. I attended the new JMP 12 introduction event in San Francisco a couple weeks ago where I learned about this new tool.  It is fantastic and replaced the code that I had written, starting with Application Builder, to accomplish interactive access to our internal data base.

My question is this:  We have a LARGE data set VIEW from which I pull data.  I want to load the Secondary VIEW and use the to select the lots, wafers, test revisions, etc.... so that I do not have to make the Query Tool search through the entire data set to parse and return the available wafer #s, lot #s, etc....

I have a VIEW that is just the wafers and lots.  I want to use this to FILTER on just the data that I need.  The problem is that this takes FOREVER!  I did some research on databases and I think that the issue is INNER JOIN versus OUTER JOIN or something like that.

Thanks in advance for any help or tips anyone might have!





Oct 1, 2013

Hey, Charlie,

When you say "this takes FOREVER!", what "this" are you referring to?  Is it the time to run the query?  Or is it the time for the list of values to appear in the Filters panel?  Or something else?




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Jun 23, 2011

Have you tried querying the view outside of JMP, say in SQL Developer, TOAD, or SQL Navigator?  I would optimize the query there first, and then use it in JMP.  If you're accessing an Oracle database you could use EXPLAIN PLAN to help see where the problem lies.