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JMP12 Tab Box() Focus Issue (slow focus between tabs)

I have a set of JSL scripts that I've been using for many years now (nothing has changed in them).  They utilize a Tab Box() containing 9 tabs.  Each tab utilizes an Include() to go reference separate JSL's, which each contain some checkboxes, buttonboxes and text edit boxes.  I've noticed an issue in JMP12:
JMP12.2.0: very slow focus between tabs, like 0.3-0.5 sec delay.  Each tab will show the previous tab's display boxes just for this fraction during this odd delay.

JMP11.1.1: nice quick focus between tabs, almost no perceptable delay.  Each tab nicely refreshes its display boxes.

Note: I have no wait()'s anywhere within the Tab Box() or display box code.  Has anyone noticed this delay in JMP12? (before I submit a bug request to investigate)  thanks, DJ

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