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JMP v12 using script to capture only predication profile graph


Im newbie for JMP tool.I need help wrt to capturing the predication profile graph in html.

Here is what Im trying to do.

I have created jmp file with all my data and created fit model which displayed actucal by predicted plot,scaled estmiates.etc and prediction profiler.

my use case is through command line i want to invoke the file which will launch in background and using some mean(script) i want to captured the prediction profiler output only in html which i will display in my dashboard report or site.

is it possible if so can some one please help me how.some pointers will highly appericiated.




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Re: JMP v12 using script to capture only predication profile graph

Here is a simple example of outputting the Profiler to an HTML just need to change the "path/to" in the Save Interactive HTML message to a correct path on your computer.

Names Default To Here( 1 );
dt = Open( "$SAMPLE_DATA/big" );

dt:age << modeling type( continuous );

fm = dt << Fit Model(
	Y( :age ),
	Effects( :height, :weight ),
	Personality( "Standard Least Squares" ),
	Emphasis( "Effect Leverage" ),
			Confidence Intervals( 1 ),
			Term Value(
				height( 62.55, Lock( 0 ), Show( 1 ) ),
				weight( 105, Lock( 0 ), Show( 1 ) )
		:age << {Summary of Fit( 1 ), Analysis of Variance( 1 ),
		Parameter Estimates( 1 ), Scaled Estimates( 0 ), Plot Actual by Predicted( 1 ),
		Plot Regression( 0 ), Plot Residual by Predicted( 1 ),
		Plot Studentized Residuals( 0 ), Plot Effect Leverage( 1 ),
		Plot Residual by Normal Quantiles( 0 ), Box Cox Y Transformation( 0 )}

Report( fm )["Prediction Profiler"] << Save Interactive HTML( "path/to/example.html" );
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