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JMP script modification

I would like to modify an existing script that opens a database on our network. The entire contents of the database is loaded into a data table. The information in the database has multiple years worth of data and columns. Is there a way to exclude specific columns from being pulled? Is there a way to set a date range from which to pull data from the database?

My programming skills are rather limited, so any help you can give will be appreciated.

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Re: JMP script modification

This is more of a SQL question than a JMP question. JMP does have limited SQL writing capability in the "Open Database" in the file menu. However, I would recommend just finding the appropriate SQL code to get the exact output you want. There's plenty of SQL help online; in fact I like to say "Google taught me SQL" :).

Once you get your SQL code, you just put it in the Open Database command in JSL.

Open Database("", "SQL String (e.g. Select * from blah)");

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