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JMP join row error on row numbers

JMP 12 gives the following error, if I want to join two tables by matching columns:


  • Cannot match. The number of selected columns are different in the two source column lists.


If I use JMP13 (on another PC), it does not give this error and simply joins the tables based on the matched columns. I checked and all the settings on JMP12 and 13 are similar.


Is there a way to fix this error on JMP12? Is it a possible new added feature in JMP13 to minimize the error numbers, if having different row/column numbers? I can see similar error in JMP12, if I want to copy/paste several columns on column numbers, but there is no error message on JMP13. 

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Re: JMP join row error on row numbers

Hi @xenon2090,

Welcome to the community!

Can you post your tables you're wanting to join so we can better help you?  If there's a confidentiality issue with your data, use the Anonymize function in the Tables menu.

If there was an issue in JMP 12 that was resolved in 13, you might get faster help from Tech Support since they will be able to search for similar incidents like yours and see what the solution was.

-- Cameron Willden