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JMP interface - how to make it actually clickable

Hi evreyone

i could use some help

i want to make a report that when you click on the tab there is a window that opens beside it

the thing it is supposed to do is pull from the data base counter values - say the counter is 3000 for now

i want when i click it to do the next thing

if the counter<2500 - nothing

if the counter is 2500<counter<3500

i want it to say - need to replace X in ( formula - (3500-counter)/(nu of runs a day - let's say 500) ) days

can you help me wrute that in code ?



New Window( "Letters", 
	V List Box(
		Align( center ), 
		H List Box(
			Spacer Box( Size( 10, 15 ) ), 
			Text Box( "TITLE" ), 
			Spacer Box( Size( 10, 10 ) )

		Spacer Box( Size( 20, 10 ) ), 
		Panel Box( "CHOOSE...", 
			Radio Box( {"A", "B", "C", "D"} )
		Spacer Box( Size( 20, 10 ) ), 




Re: JMP interface - how to make it actually clickable

I do not see a Tab Box object in your display tree. Perhaps you are referring to the radio buttons? If so, add this argument to the Radio Box() function call:


Radio Box( { "A", "B", "C", "D" },
	<< Set Function(
		Function( { me },
			choice = me << Get;
			Choose( choice,
				// option "A"
				// option "B"
				// option "C"
				// option "D"
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