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JMP Script skips lines random



I am currently creating a JMP Script that is pulling data from a SQL server. Unfortunately the max amount of columns that I can pull at a time is 99 so I had to split them up into 23 separate queries to recombine them into a large table. I've used this script before to pull similar data and it somehow corrected the issue where it would skips lines of my code. I'm now having this same issue where it is skipping a large amount of lines in my script at random. Is there a wait feature that I can use slow it down or some other way for it to ready it completely?




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Re: JMP Script skips lines random

Your query might be running in the background in which case your code will continue running before the query finishes.  Here is one approach that lets the query/queries run in the background while your code waits for them to complete.  Alternately if you are using <<Run and not <<Run Background then @Jason_Wiggins pointed out a setting that might help you out

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