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JMP Script: Setting spec Limits from variable

I am a newbie who is writing a simple JMP script to clean up a raw data table. A part of my script reads in the Spec Limits and data range from a reference table. It then applies these limits and ranges to the raw data table.

For some reason JMP doesnot apply the spec limits to the columns. When I open the column info to look for spec limits, there are no numbers in the spec limit field.

The range checks seems to be fine though. Also, I can set the Spec Limits when I use hard coded numbers.

Here are code segments and log file excerpts
lslval = eval(dtlim:LSLNum);
uslval = dtlim:USLNum;
targetval = dtlim:targetNum;
lowrangeval = dtlim:lowrange;
highrangeval = dtlim:highrange;
col = column name(i);
col << range check(LTLT(lowrangeval, highrangeval));
col< limits = col< show(col,limits , lowrangeval, highrangeval);

Log file excerpt
col::Test# 51
limits:{LSL(Eval(lslval)), USL(2), Target(1)}

Re: JMP Script: Setting spec Limits from variable

Here is a link to a script on the JMP file exchange which adds spec limits from a spec limit table to your table properties: