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Jan 14, 2015

JMP Script: Open XLSM Files


I'm rather new to JMP and could not find anyone with a similar issue in the discussions section so I thought I'd ask all of you experts!

I have a series of .XLSM files that have had a macro run on them; within a cell you'll see something along the lines of {=(MACRO FORMULA)}. All the files are formatted the same way but before I can write a jsl script  to do some data manipulation, I need to import them.

When I ask JMP to open the .XLSM file, the data that was originally there in the Excel file turns into a value labelled #NAME?.

What's interesting is that if I go into the excel file, then in the JMP tab, when I run the Data Table Macro, JMP goes and copies the data table perfectly (albeit it's transferred at a snails pace).

Going into the excel file and doing a copy>paste value and then running a script from there would be easy, but there are going to be almost 100 .XLSM generated monthly so this would grow inefficient. Additionally, while going into the excel file and running the JMP Data Table macro looks like it's the perfect solution, it's also taking approximately 5 minutes to convert a single file....also inefficient.

In any case, I'm open to suggestions and appreciate any feedback you all may be able to provide me.