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JMP Recode


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Mar 15, 2017



Here's the script:


dt = Open( "$sample_data/big" );
dt << Go To( :sex ) << Recode;

Window( "Recode" ) << onclose(
    New Window( "Report", dt << Contingency( Y( :age ), X( :sex ), Contingency Table ) );


Here's my question:

Upon "Recode" Window is pop up, user will input the new values and then click on "Done" follow by "In Place" and the "Recode" Window will close and execute the next command. How if I want to auto save the script to file with a specific filename after "Recode" Window is closed ? Let say by manually, user needs to click on red triangle and select "Script" and click on "Save to File...", is there any way to automate it using JSL?




Apr 26, 2012

I'm not sure how to force the user to choose the option to save the recode script to the data table,  but if you figure that out, its pretty easy to run the recode script and capture the script too.


dt << Run Script( "Recode" );

s = dt << Get Property( "Recode" );

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