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JMP Query Builder Updating with Tables of Different Names

I'm trying to use JMP Query Builder to easily access data table results.

As part of another sql query I generate files with slightly different names but very similar structures that I want to include in the Query Builder and build the table joins using these.

As an example

My folder contains a file called 5908_Process as an output from an experiment and is included in the query. When I sql query another experiment for results I get another table called 5848_Process which has the same structure as the first one. The easiest way to include it in the builder would be to concat these tables and keep the same file name but this will quickly become large and cumbersome to handle.

Can JMP Query builder automatically update with tables like this or do you have to rebuild the query everytime?


I hope I have made it clear what I'd like, if not then please let me know.




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Re: JMP Query Builder Updating with Tables of Different Names

I probably don't understand the full nature of the problem.  However, if you run JMP Query Builder on one table, you should be able to use the "Source" script in the table scripts in the upper left panel of the result table as a basis for further queries.  You could then do some scripting to feed in the names of the different files as the arrive.


Another alternative would be to use the Update from Database and the Database Query Builder on the raw data as it comes in, rather than saving the files to disk and using JMP Query Builder on different file names.

If your original question was "can Query Builder work on new files as they arrive", then the answer is that there is no automatic triggering of a query when the file structure changes. I hope this helps.


Brian Corcoran

JMP Development