Share your ideas for the JMP Scripting Unsession at Discovery Summit by September 17th. We hope to see you there!
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JMP Predictive modeling Unsession at Discovery Summit

JMP 2020 Discovery Conference has gone virtual with that we are excited to announce the predictive modeling Unsession, which will take place on October 12!  This event is the place to talk about predictive modeling in a live, virtual event. This is an opportunity to have some fun and interact with others from around the world using JMP's predictive modeling platforms.  This will be a great chance to learn more about what JMP has to offer in terms of modeling. Sign up to learn more about this Unsession and even present a topic yourself during the session.


Discovery Summit JMP Scripting Unsession

When: October 12

Tell me more? How to find an event near you?

Registration will open shortly.  Bookmark this page or subscribe so you can be notified about new content.


Tell us what you’d like to learn predictive modeling with JMP

We’d like to know what you have an interest in learning. Share what would enhance your predictive modeling knowledge in this survey by September 17: Submit your predictive modeling feedback here


What is an Unsession?

Unsessions are like conference sessions—only better. All session topics are participant-driven. Virtual spaces and rooms feature specific topics where participants can learn, share, and collaborate creatively in smaller groups.


How does it work? 

Attendees come together at the beginning of the session to create an agenda that teaches participants of any skill level, from any organization about predictive modeling. By the end of the day, participants have an opportunity to ask questions, learn from peers, and understand how to recreate analytic results and automate or extend the functionality of JMP software.


How do we develop the agenda?

For this year’s Unsession, we are collecting session topics ahead of time and planning the agenda in advance. This allows attendees to know what to expect and plan their schedules accordingly.


Session topics can include any topics of interest to attendees. Here are some examples of breakout session topics from previous JMP Discovery Summit events


Be sure to share your topic ideas with us by September 17: Unsession topics and ideas


Present a topic!

When you submit a session topic idea, let us know if you would like to present that topic or if you would prefer a group discussion on the topic.


Have an idea for a session but aren’t a subject matter expert on the topic at hand? Please submit your idea anyway, and if the topic has a significant interest, we will find a JMP expert who can present or lead a discussion on the topic.


Final Note

Even if modeling isn’t your day-to-day job, join us! We recognize that new processes, technologies, ideas, and techniques are being leveraged by your company to support all aspects of the business. Join the conversation about how JMP, modeling and related topics can do more for your work, industry, or discipline.

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