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JMP Genomics New User Question

I am a JMP user that has just begun using the genomics package to analyze two color Agilent microarray data. When trying to work through the examples in the manual (like the Drosophila aging example) process like within array LOWESS normalization are taking forever (5+h with no results). Is this typical or is there something I should be looking out for? I also tried to use the experimental design file creation utility to make a design file for an existing tall expression dataset that returned no result overnight (48 arrays by ~17,000 probes). Any advice would be appreciated

Re: JMP Genomics New User Question

After looking into it further, it appears that my copies of JMP and SAS are not talkign with each other. For example when I press run while already running a process and press the button to review the SAS log in the dialogue box I get no response.


Jun 23, 2011

Re: JMP Genomics New User Question

Hi, can you please email me (, JMP Genomics product manager),, and One of us will try to help you get your installation straightened out. Thanks!