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JMP Datatable to SAS sas7bdat - incorrect file size / not recognized

Here is my working environment:

1. I use SAS OnDemand, either through JMP, or through a web client, or through Enterprise Guide on Windows. I have access to a library on SAS servers.

2. I saved a JMP dataset as sas7bdat, and I uploaded that file to my library.

3. When I now try to access this file, none of my programs can recognize it.  To ensure that it was not a problem with my LIBNAME access, I created a SAS file of the original JMP dataset using Enterprise Guide, and then uploaded this new SAS file to my library. With the only change in my SAS program to point to this new SAS file, the program works, indicating my LIBNAME statement works.

4. When I examined the difference in file attributes between my original SAS File (created in JMP), and the SAS file (created in Enterprise Guide), I note that the latter file is many orders of magnitude larger in size. For example, the initial file was 5K, while the latter was 262K. Ironically, Enterprise Guide is able to read the JMP created SAS file directly.

I am completely puzzled. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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