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JMP Connection with OLEDB Providers

While we have no trouble with regular ODBC database connections, can anyone advise on if JMP supports OLEDB connections using a PROVIDER within a script. I am trying to use the string connection information from a udl file I created that does a successful connection test to the database, however JMP seems to insist on having a DSN specified and that string does not work with Open Database or Create Database Connection callson. TIA.

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Re: JMP Connection with OLEDB Providers

The last time I checked ODBC was the only option.  However, if you have a SAS server, you can query data via OLEDB, Oracle, Sybase, etc. if you use JMP to connect to the SAS server and submit pass-through SQL code using those database connections.

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Re: JMP Connection with OLEDB Providers

Hi John,

I just created OLEDB Database Tools Addin to help with this task.

Try it out and let me know what you think.