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JMP Beginner questions--how to analyze data with time stamps

I have just started using JMP, and am not sure how to proceed with my data. Any help would be appreciated. I've done lots of graphing and other basic statistics using averages of values, etc, but I'd like to do something more extensive.

Basically, I have three columns of data for each of my test cases. The first column is essentially a time stamp and represents a single condition (from zero to 22.4 in steps of 2.8). For each time stamp, I have around 150 values in the next two columns, and these are matched pairs (1300 rows of data). So, it looks basically like this:

0 -0.041289655 48.99347098

0 -0.079512955 49.10540664

0 -4.907624298 -365.192361

0 -4.942233614 -368.7976596

2.8 -0.50650706 45.93302399

2.8 -0.530603239 45.39645182

2.8 -3.169310167 -152.6354966

2.8 -3.244948336 -159.9794593

5.6 -0.590529363 33.43344596

5.6 -0.620665997 33.1191991

5.6 -1.017968194 15.23638112

5.6 -1.024333322 14.33720782

5.6 -1.047915583 13.55834277


What I want to do is compare each time stamp. The fixed "x" value is the second column and goes from approximately 0 to -5. The "y" variable is what I want to compare and goes from approximately +50 to -360 initially to +50 to -100 at the end. As the time stamp increases, the maximum "y" value decreases and eventually plateaus at around -100.

I'm not sure how to plot each time stamp on the same graph to show this trend. That's hopefully an easy question someone could help me figure out. I'm also unsure how to best analyze this data to show how the "y" value is decreasing and plateauing as a function of time stamp.

If anyone has some ideas, I would greatly appreciate the help!

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Re: JMP Beginner questions--how to analyze data with time stamps

In graph builder drag the X column to the x axis, the Y column to the Y axis, and the timestamp column to the Overlay zone.  Using your data this is what I get:


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