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JMP Automation in Mac OS-X, and passing data to external programs

I'm looking for smart ways to call JMP scripts from external programs (e.g. a python script) in Mac OS-X, but it appears that most of the automation techniques are either windows specific (e.g. using the windows API) or are limited to MS-specifc languages (VB, C#, etc).  Are there any references or resources for people trying to automate JMP on Mac?

In addition, I would also be interested in finding smart ways to pass JMP data to an external program.  I know I can write a data table to file, then call "Run Program" in my .jsl script and have the external program read the data from file, but this seems like it would be very slow for large tables.  Does anyone have any slick techniques for developed for this?



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Re: JMP Automation in Mac OS-X, and passing data to external programs

Hi michaelaschmidt0​,

I have done some work using TCP sockets to communicate with JMP from external programs. In general it works well however if high speed communication is desired, this may not be the best method. Can you provide more details on what you're trying to do?



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