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JMP 9 and R interface problem

Dear all,
I run JMP 9 on a Mac 10.5.8 (PPC). I'd like JMP and R to interact.
When I run this "test" script to verify that JMP and R can talk to each other:

R Init();
R Submit("
x <- 1:5
R Term();

The result is the following error:

TKJMP shared library not found in access or evaluation of 'Glue' , R Init();
R Submit( "
x <- 1:5
" );
R Term();

In the following script, error marked by /*###*/
R Init(); /*###*/R Submit( "
x <- 1:5
" ); /*###*/R Term() /*###*/;

I am looking online for this TKJMP shared library, but can't seem to find much. Anyone have any ideas of what to do here?

Thanks for any help.

Community Manager


Jun 23, 2011

Re: JMP 9 and R interface problem

Unfortunately the interface with R is not available on PPC based Macs.

The system requirements page has been updated recently to make this clearer.