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JMP 9 Preference

Greetings everyone, there are some quic questions here i ma interested to know and check with you guys if you guys have the answer here.

1) I understood that JMP preferences files (JMP 9 at windows 7 are located at these 2 directory)

     a) JMP default installation directory which under program files

     b) Userprofile directory which is under "C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\SAS\JMP\9\JMP.pfs"

My gut feel when JMP is open for the first time, JMP.pfs at the JMP default directory will be loaded.  Thus, all the default setting is been loaded.  However, when user (the similar username) open the program for the next subsequent time, it will be purely based on the perferences file in the username directory (Correct me if i am wrong).  If this is the case, can i actually backup my JMP.pfs at my username directory stated in (b) and restore them back when i have my computer reformat etc.

2) JMP 10 and 11 is here, is all the preferences file under different version is compatible ? Reason i had asking this is to understnad if i can hav ethe ability to directly transfer all my perfences setting in JMP9 to the new version of JMP when i upgraded it, thanks.

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Re: JMP 9 Preference

You can backup your previous JMP.pfs at any location. The preference files should be forward compatible. Say, if you have JMP9 preference file, you can apply it to JMP10 and beyond. Yes, you can directly transfer all your preference settings from JMP9 to the newer version of JMP when you upgraded it.  

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