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JMP 9: Can I 'step through' a series of contour plots?

During an overview session with folks at JMP I swore I saw them having multiple data sets and step through each one, one at a time.

What I am doing - I have an array of measurements (~3200) across a part at diffierent locations.  Then on to the next part and the next and so on.  Each part is then given a 'process' and then measured again, and then a final 'process' and measuerd yet again.  I can do statistical analysis of the individual parts and the changes based on process in paired fashion ... but T2 and PCA si a bit dry and abstract for the majority of folks!

I can also map the individual parts using a contour map, which nicely illustrates what is happening as a function of XY space.  But that is a 'one at a time' or 'group on a page' thing.  I would love to be able to have the measurements in columns and simply step through these charts.

Is this possible?

Other thoughts on what I am trying to do?



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JMP 9: Can I 'step through' a series of contour plots?

One way to do this is to put all the data into one dataset, including a column that differentiates between each location.  Create your contour plot, and click on the red triangle and select Script > Automatic Recalc.

Next open up a data filter and select the location variable.  Deselect the Select checkbox, and check the boxes for Show and Include.  Then as you click on each location in the data filter your contour plot will automatically change.

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JMP 9: Can I 'step through' a series of contour plots?

The Graphical Preview add-in illustrates how to step through multiple charts:

It doesn't support contour plots but with appropriately organised data the same principles could easily be applied

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