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JMP 9.0.2: Analyzing pre- and post- questionnaires


I am very new to JMP and was hoping someone could verify my method to analyze pre- and post-workshop questionnaires.

My columns for my data table looks like this:

ID#     K1 PRE     K1 POST     K2 PRE     K2 POST     K3 PRE     K3 POST...K10 PRE     K10 POST     K PRE TOTAL     K POST TOTAL

I scored the questions (1=incorrect, 2=correct) and want to test whether or not the change between the pre and post questionnaires were significant.  I used Analyze-->Matched Pairs with "K PRE TOTAL" and "K POST TOTAL" for the Y, Paired Response.  Did I do it right?

Also, if questions K1 through K5 were health questions and K6 through K10 were welfare questions, is there a way for me to determine whether performance in one section of related questions was better than the other?

Thanks in advance,


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