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JMP 13- Interactive HTML Script

Hi All,


I am trying to implement the interactive HTML with a script. I noticed that .jrn or .jrp has a lot more features after the graph is plotted like, I can change axis settings or legend settings. Is this feature avaialble on Interactive HTML?


If not directly, is there a way to invoke the feature on the interactive HTML?



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Re: JMP 13- Interactive HTML Script

Here is my response to a Private Email on this topic was sent to me:


These types of responses should be replyed to in the Discussion Forum, not in private messages.  The interplay of the questions, with discussion and answers is what the forum wants to see.

Concerning your current questions.  Interactive HTML is a work in progress.  That is, it is not as functional as the JMP folks would like it to be.  So items such as changing axes still are not complete.  Currently, you will need to accept what you get.  

On the topic of putting all of the data together into one item, what I suggest, is to create a Journal.  Inside the journal, place a V List Box(), with a reference handle on it:

     MyWindow = New Window("My Journal", << Journal, TheVLB = V List Box());

Next, append items into the display i.e.


     TheVLB << append(report(biv));

     biv << close window;

Then at the end of building the journal, you save the internal VLB as an HTML

     TheVLB << Save as Interactive HTML(".................................");

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Re: JMP 13- Interactive HTML Script

Thank you txnelson. I believe the interactive features doesn't work when we append for some reason. Thank you for the idea though.
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