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JMP 12 loading .sas file

Hi all,

my apologies if this has been posted before. I have a dataset which by default comes as a text file, with formatting/layout available as separate files, and the .sas syntax file which puts it all together.

I cannot seem to be able to load it with JMP 12, which is probably because I don't have access to SAS program. Unfortunately, I cannot obtain the file in any other format. I am not sure what I can do.

Any advice is much appreciated! Thank you.

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Re: JMP 12 loading .sas file

In order to be able to directly load the file into a JMP data table, you would have to have SAS running on you system so that you could submit the SAS statements through the JMP/SAS interface.  However, there are a couple of alternatives.

You can download a Student/Educational version of SAS to your system.  Now it does not interface with JMP, but you could get it to read in the .txt file, and then save the SAS file and input it into JMP.

If you can provide the .sas  file, and the .txt file to this discussion, (attach the files to the discussion), I or someone else in the discussion world might be able to come up with a solution.

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