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Mar 24, 2014

JMP 11 graph builder

Hi there,

I am using JMP11 graph builder option to plot a graph with group x option.  2 question i encountered here

1) I use group x and I view 1 level at the time, may i know if i can set my axis option flexible to each of the level ?  This is because some level could have differnet limit in thier data, so using the axis setting for the first level (normally the level jmp display first) doesnt mean it optimize to other view.

2) Referring to (1), we know that graph builder UI only show 1 graph at the time.  By using JSL, can i have all this graph image to save as picture (e.g png, jpg) ? So far i can only save the active (the 1 i viewed).




Jun 23, 2011

Re: JMP 11 graph builder

The grouping roles will always use the same axis for each group level, as a feature of the "small multiples" approach. For your use case, a local data filter may be more appropriate. Graph Builder will only see the filtered data and will adjust the axis to match.

That doesn't help with the second question regarding export.There's no option I can think of to see one graph and export many.