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JMP 11: Cluster > More Color Map Columns: Wrong Color Scale

Hi, I might have come across a bug or at least a very annoying feature in the Clustering analysis: after clustering on my main columns without Standardization and adding a color map, I wish to add additional color map columns using the same color scale. However, when I do this, the color scale of each additional color map column is standardized producing a meaningless map (see below example with random values with different ranges) where

  • Main 1, 2, and 3 columns range from -4 to 4
  • Additional 1 ranges from -4 to 4
  • Additional 2 ranges from -3 to 3
  • Additional 3 ranges from -2 to 2
  • Additional 4 ranges from -1 to 1


Is there a way to prevent the Additional Color Map Columns to be Standardized?

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