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Jun 23, 2011

JMP 11.1.1 gigantic fonts (button box, panel box defaults)

Hi All, I just migrated from JMP 9.0.3 to JMP 11.1.1 and the first thing I noticed were the gigantic default fonts for button boxes and panel boxes.

Just doing: Window > Font Sizes > Decrease Font Sizes does not do the right thing as it reduces all fonts together (e.g.some text box fonts are just fine but this will reduce them too much).

Question: is there some other default font size setting I'm missing here in JMP 11.1.1?  Else, I guess now I'm going to have to tweak all of my button box and panel box font size defaults individually?  I just don't understand the change here as everything was fine in JMP 9.0.3...  thanks... dj




Jun 23, 2011

Re: JMP 11.1.1 gigantic fonts (button box, panel box defaults)

I haven't heard about this issue before.

Can you open File > Preferences... and go to the Fonts group. The defaults should be Segoe UI, 9 Point for Text. Buttons and other controls should use that same size.Try a Reset to Defaults if the values look bad.

I believe JMP 9.x defaulted to Arial which was not the OS standard. The change to Segoe UI was to better match other items in the OS but perhaps it's too large for your taste?

Also, can you attach a picture? It might help us understand what's happening.