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Issue with joining two data tables derived from two databases

I'm quite new to JSL scripting.

Currently I'm working on querying data from two databases (one from sql server, the other from oracle db), and then joining the two data tables together as one by matching columns.

The question I have is how can I do to unhide the intermediate data tables (derived from dbs), and come out the final joined-already data tables.

The script I have is similar like below:

dt=Open Database(
"Data Source - from MS sql server",
"sql statement",

dt=Open Database(
"Data Source - from oracle db",
"sql statement",

Data Table( "table1" ) << Join(
With( Data Table( "tabl2" ) ),
Select( :, :, :, : ),
SelectWith( :, : ),
By Matching Columns( : = : ),
Drop multiples( 0, 1 ),
Name( "Include non-matches" )(1, 0),
Output Table( "joined table" )

Somebody please help me correcting the script. Much appreciation!
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