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Oct 11, 2015

Is there a way to increase the 100 Page limitation in Graph Builder ?





I have a need to plot timelines of wafer test parameters whilst simultaneously displaying wafermaps of wafers of interest. See example above.

Using the "Make data into table" feature within Graph Builder I can make wafermaps from raw test data  which subsequently will be used as labels in the timeline charts of summarized data.

Having many hundreds of wafers on a timeline requires that I have hundreds of wafermaps prepared in advance. The 100 page limitation in graph builder prevents me from making the required number of maps.


I have made similar wafermaps using cluster analysis and  'Add spatial measures' but the quality/resolution of the map image is far inferior to that coming from the graph builder version. Perhaps there may be a solution here somewhere.


The map on the left is an example of a Graph Builder generated wafermap.On the right is from Cluster Analysis








Super User


Jun 22, 2012

Re: Is there a way to increase the 100 Page limitation in Graph Builder ?

The 100 page limit is not currently changeable. The JMP folks are aware of wanting to remove this limitation. However, there is no limit to the data table size. So I suggest that you subset your data so there are less than 100 pages created, output the data table, repeat this process as many times as necessary to create data tables for all of the wafers, and then simply concatenate the tables together for your final data table.