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Is there a set of files to download or a future JMP release to include map data aside from what is currently in JMP (e.g. US counties, Japan prefectures) - every country's 1st and lower governmental sub-divisions as well as cities?


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Mar 12, 2015

I'd like to use map shapes on data for countries besides the 5-6 that are already loaded in JMP (with state/county/prefecture relationships).  I'm a novice at map creating so not looking to learn and create from scratch - hoping there is a trove of map data that is very easy to import into JMP or that SAS will shortly release a new JMP version with a wider array of map shapes. 




Jun 17, 2013

There are more shape files available on the JMP File Exchange, such as the US zip code shape files. I have also created specific shape files, such as the provinces and cities of Belgium, on request. JMP does not ship with all these shape files as that would make the install much larger and most JMP customers would not have a need for them. JMP does not have every country's cities or even every country's first level division. But if you have a specific need let me know and I will see if I can help you out.