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Is it possible automatically cast\convert .NET System.Data.DataTable to JMP.DataTable ?

Hello all

I am working with .NET framework need automatically use jmp application. Recently i met a problem, having data structure of the type System.Data.DataTable and need to convert it to the JMP.DataTable.

After some studying of JMP application interface i concluded that only way to do this is to walk in loop on each table entry in System.Data.DataTable and copy it to the corresponding

entry in JMP.DataTable .

1) My question is where simpler way to convert System.Data.DataTable to the JMP.DataTable ?

     Do you know any api that casts one type of table to another automatically ?

2) One more question is where some other .NET data structure(not System.Data.DataTable) that can hold table's data and can be cast automatically to the JMP.DataTable ?

Thanking you in advance


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