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Jun 18, 2018

Interactive HTML hyperlinks on images embedded within plots

Hello all,

     My goal is to make plots overlaid with images to then export as interactive HTML files to post on my personal website (see example figure below). I then want to have it where, when the user clicks on the images in the plots (which are coral colonies), a hyperlink takes them to a dedicated webpage about the coral colony whose image they clicked on. I know URL hyperlinks can be added with Graph Builder, but it always places the link icon in the bottom left corner. Would it be possible to add it on top of the image itself? I thought about using the caption box and inserting it there, but I don't think that will work since it can't be moved away from the top-right corner (right?).  


  I use Squarespace for my personal website, and, while they DO allow for links to be associated with a picture, they do not allow links to be placed at certain locations within pictures/plots, or else I'd do this all on Squarespace! Is what I want to do possible with JMP13? 


Anderson B. Mayfield