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Insert semicolon into rows

Hello I have found myself stuck on a simple problem. I have a column of data that is either empty or has a 3-4 digit number which represents time. I am trying to add a line into my script that simply puts a semicolon two places to the left from the end of the number
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Re: Insert semicolon into rows

Is the column a numeric or a character column?  The proper way to have a numberic column, and to specify a format that will let one display the data in one of several different date formats.

If your data are character and you just want to add in the semicolon, the script below will do that.

Assuming your column is called "Date" here is the script

Names Default to Here( 1 );
dt = current data table();
For Each Row(
     :Date = Left( :Date, 2 ) || ":" || Right( :Date, 2 );
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