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May 22, 2012

Inconsistent legend in overlay plot

I use the "color or mark by column" function to set specific color/mark into airport data.

Then, displayed the overlay plot using JSL and found one inconsistent legend result in report.

The legend only display color sympol instead of color+marker sympol.

Since I would like to keep the color/marker setting from data table, I can't re-assign these seeting using JSL.

Could you give me some suggestion how to modify it using JSL?

Thank you~

biv=Overlay Plot(
X( :Date ),
Y( :Delay ),
Separate Axes( 1 ),
  Dispatch( {}, "Overlay Plot Graph", FrameBox, {Frame Size( 439, 310 )} )

Report( biv )[Frame Box(1)] << Row Legend( :Day, color(0), marker(0));
Report( biv )[Frame Box(1)] << Marker Size ( 2 );