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Importing Zip Code KML File Problem



I'm trying to use

JMP Add-In "KML Polygon Importer" (

to import 

cb_2016_us_zcta510_500k.kml file from US Census site (


I get the pop-up the gives me an ETA of 45min; it never finished so I let it run over night and it still did not complete- I actually get a 'Not Responding' in popup border.


I imported Census' cb_2016_us_county_500k.kml just fine; converted into:

(Converted from KML 1)cb_2016_us_county_500k(Points).jmp (1KB)

(Converted from KML 1) (148KB)

(Converted from KML 1) (40,602KB)


Is the problem that cb_2016_us_zcta510_500k.kml is too big (176,907KB) and cb_2016_us_county_500k.kml (31,294KB) is smaller so JMP can import and increase the size to 40,602KB as above?


If the zcta file is too big, is there any way to split it into smaller sizes?  I usually use SAS for mapping (.shp files, etc), but I figured I'd try using JMP's Web Mapping Service (WMS) add-in (  to try and layer in different base map styles.












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Re: Importing Zip Code KML File Problem

In you weren't aware JMP can import SHP files natively, without an add-in. That is, JMP can open the SHP file and the DBF file. There are still a few steps to get those into the -XY and -Name forms for JMP to use in maps.


I've done ZIP codes before if you can live with data that's a few years old.

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Re: Importing Zip Code KML File Problem

Thanks for the reply! 


I have imported census's

tl_2016_us_zcta510.dbf / tl_2016_us_zcta510.shp 

files successfully to create and 


I was hoping to just use 1 type of file for all programs I use (SAS, JMP, Google's Fusion Maps, etc); KML files seemed like the answer.  One raw source file across each would make things a lot simpler... downloading different files from Census, making sure the resolutions match, converting XY's as needed,  projecting, trying to share interactive maps depending on browser/ people's preferences etc can be overwhelming and I wanted to streamline as much as I could/ make it as simple as possible so the code/ process is easier for people I work with to understand. 


It seemed like the KML file would be no problem; just trying to figure out why it doesn't import into JMP using the add-in...


Not sure if this'd matter but cb_2016_us_zcta510_500k.kml does weird things after converting to a .csv (it's like an end of line char CR vs LF or delimiter problem, or it could be the process to convert to .csv is also broken)...


Thanks for dbf/ shp help!






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