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Importing Excel formulae as values (dates)?


Community Trekker


Apr 15, 2016

I am trying to write a JSL script that will import data from Excel. One column of the worksheet I want to import has a "vlookup" function, that looks up a date from another sheet. For some reason, when I import this worksheet, the date column (which contains the vlookup in Excel) comes up blank in JMP.


I tried copying the worksheet and doing "paste special values" into a new Excel file, and in that case the new sheet (with just values and no formulae) imports fine, and shows the dates I want.

Is there any way to get JSL to import the date values instead of just leaving the column totally blank?


Community Trekker


Sep 15, 2014

@markschwab: Can you please provide sample files so people in the community can replicate the issue on their end ?