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Import (open) data from excel: data columns empty

Has anyone run into the case where you import data and one or more columns show no data in JMP? I'd appreciate any insights.


I've been using this script (with identifying features removed of course):

    "C:\My documents\excelly.xlsx",
    Worksheets( "DATASTUFF" ),
    Use for all sheets( 1 ),
    Concatenate Worksheets( 0 ),
    Create Concatenation Column( 0 ),
    Worksheet Settings(
        Has Column Headers( 1 ),
        Number of Rows in Headers( 1 ),
        Headers Start on Row( 1 ),
        Data Starts on Row( 2 ),
        Data Starts on Column( 1 ),
        Data Ends on Row( 0 ),
        Data Ends on Column( 0 ),
        Replicated Spanned Rows( 1 ),
        Suppress Hidden Rows( 1 ),
        Suppress Hidden Columns( 1 ),
        Suppress Empty Columns( 1 ),
        Treat as Hierarchy( 0 )

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Re: Import (open) data from excel: data columns empty

can you attach the spreadsheet?

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