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Identifying the DOE Type from list of experiments



Is there a way for me to identify from the DOE table given to me what are the DOE type that the user is actually using whether it is the definitve screening design, full factorial or fractional factorial (which resolution)





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Re: Identifying the DOE Type from list of experiments

I would utilize various tools to assess.

If the experiment is a DSD a simple distribution of the factors will show an abundance of center point activity. Each complimentary pair of runs will have 2 center points setting for each factor.

If the experiment is a full factorial or a fractional factorial the design diagnostics tool would indicate to what degree of aliasing there is. You would specify the model of interest and include up to three way interactions for instance to see if there is any evidence of correlation in the alias heat map. 

In addition, I utilize graphbuilder and scatterplot 3D to visualize the experimental space.