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Humbly request scripting help: arrays, conditional loops

Hello All,


I'm new to JMP and lacking in scripting chops. I did quite a bit of Fortran programming back-in-the-day, and would know how to accomplish what I need in that venue after some review if it was available in my current setting. Can anyone point me to some scripting examples that might be aligned with what I'm trying to do?


Here's the flow:


1) cut&paste say a 3xn matrix into the data table

2) begin a loop that compares the 3xn with another control 3xn: output is a 4xn matrix

3) sum the n columns in the 4xn, create a 4x4 with those values

4) run two formulas on the 4x4 to get two output values

5) save two output values into a ever growing matrix that's 6xi Where i is some pre-set index value








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Re: Humbly request scripting help: arrays, conditional loops

1. I strongly recommend you read, or at least scan the Scripting Guide

     Help==>Books==>Scripting Guide

2. There is a folder full of sample scripts that you can browse

     Help==>Sample Data==>Open Sample Scripts Directory

Note: The reference is to "Sample Data" not "Sample Data Library"

3. Just like Fortran, JMP has Matrix data in memory, so it does not require you to have your data in data tables.  However, if you want to use the data table object like it is a matrix, you can do that too.

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