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How to you typically find answers to SAS-related questions?

This is an open-ended survey that I'm conducting as part of a presentation I plan to submit to next year's SAS Global Forum. I appologize, in advance, if you happen to see the request more than once (and yes, Cynthia, I know I shouldn't be posting this on multiple forums).

When I need to get a SAS-related answer I typically start with Google and, if too many hits are found, do an advanced search with the site identified as

My second choice is usually to use Lex Jansen's SAS-L search screen to search both the listserv and usenet versions of the list.

My question is: what do you typically do?

Please don't respond to the forum with your answer. You can either just respond (to me) from this post or, if you have any problem reaching my netscape address, send me an email at:

atabachneck at ibc dot ca

Yes, I promise not to share anyone's address or ANY personally identifiable information. The goal of this study is simply to find out how we all get answers to our questions and share the results with the SAS community.

Thanks in advance,
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Re: How to you typically find answers to SAS-related questions?

SAS: start with the online docs, then google, then SAS support forum.

JMP: Start with the help files and "books", then SAS support forum. Google never finds anything good for JMP for me.
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